La Résidence

Medical Center

Center of Thalassotherapy and Well Being

Perfect Skin Care

Perfect Skin Care Ltd. holds the worldwide production and distribution rights to the Philippe Simonin ATS-1 and CRTS-1 machines. The company is located in Courgevaux in Switzerland.

Clinique La Prairie

Clinique La Prairie has been using the Simonin Process with great success as a highlight treatment since years.

The perquisites of a happy and successful life are health, beauty and well being and the multidisciplinary approach allows in a precise manner to answer to the specific needs of each patient and to the most stringent requirements. Kings, queens, presidents, and internationally known celebrities have all taken part in solidifying the center’s worldwide reputation and have come for its revitalizing treatments.

Located between the wondrous Swiss Alps and the pristine shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux/Switzerland, Clinique La Prairie has since 1931 sought to pursue a single goal: to improve the quality of life through active prevention and early intervention of ailments linked to the aging process. Clinique La Prairie joins more than 60 Medical Doctors under its roof and the multitude of disciplines covers almost all medical specialties and has become a major asset.