Philippe Simonin

Philippe Simonin

“I am an artisan of the skin, an artist, a researcher and a lover of beauty...”

Born in Paris on October 22nd 1943, Philippe Simonin has since his childhood held a deep fascination for the largest organ of the human body - the skin.

After his studies in the different departments of dermatology and achieving his State Diploma with success, he took on multiple internships at various hospitals: la Salpetrière, Lariboisière, at Saint Louis where he works with the Professors Degos, Degraciansky, Touraine, Hewitt and others. In 1983, whilst working as a researcher, he invented and registered the international patents of “Electroridopuncture” or the so called Simonin Process.

The result of this rigorous and relentless work placed Mr. Simonin in the annals of the famous “Medico-Surgical Encyclopaedia of Cosmetology and Dermatology”, where five pages are dedicated to the Simonin Process and his techniques.

In 2001 Philippe Simonin perfected a technique that satisfied his targets and registered a patent for the ATS and CRTS machines. After this relentless research, he can now offer a technique and the machines that achieve the same results as “Electroridopuncture” without injuring the epidermis.