The Simonin Process

The goal of a combination of two electrical currents, one calorific and the other an electromagnetic vibration, is :

Specially designed gold electrodes touch the scalp and hair and produce a light tickling sensation of vibratory heat. Currents with high voltage oscillating between a 100 to a 1000 Volts, a high frequency of about 1’000’000 Hertz with a very low intensity in the microampere range stimulate the hair follicles and the sebaceous glands and improve arteriole capillary and lymphatic microcirculation, where the revitalization of the hair takes place. The treatment is done quickly without pain and without any side effects for the patients.

The result after a few sessions is a continuous reduction of hair loss, the improvement of the hairs vitality and volume as well as an increase in hair growth.

Professionnal CRTS-1

Personal MiniCRTS-1