The Simonin Process

The goal of a combination of two electrical currents, one calorific and the other an electromagnetic vibration, is :

Specially designed gold electrodes produce a light tickling sensation of vibratory heat on the skin. Currents with a high frequency of about 900’000 Hertz, with a high voltage between 400 and 500 Volts and a very low intensity in the microampere range, stimulate the cells and make them believe that they must heal a scar which we call wrinkle. The epidermis deeply regenerates as if it was really wounded and the wrinkles are filled until they mostly disappear. The treatment is done quickly without pain and without any side effects for the patients.

The result after a few sessions is an in depth regeneration of the skin tissue giving back to the face a look of youthfulness. The wrinkles smoothen out, the skin becomes more radiant, the facial contours tighten and the whole face appears rejuvenated.

Professionnal ATS-1

Personal Mini ATS-1